Midterm Meeting (25-28 September 2018)

It serves for reporting and making sure execution of the Project follows the expected plans. It is hosted by 3DI at their London HQ: 1 Berkeley Street, Mayfair, London. On this occasion, the Midterm Review occurs (Thursday 27/9 afternoon to Friday 28/9 noon).

The meeting includes a General Software Workshop (25 — 27/9), which is a means to coordinate innovation activities based on software development, to review software standards that must be followed by developers in view of integrating their methods to libraries, and to discuss topics related to scaling up our methods for addressing big data. The Workshop includes talks by our members, our USA partners, and by invited speaker Prof. Anne Driemel (TU Eindhoven).


Schedule of Midterm Review

Round-table Introduction

Coordinator’s/WP leaders’ Report

  1. General status of the project and the WP implementation
  • Short presentation of the main research objectives of the network
  • Presentation of the scientific progress based on the Annex I of the Grant agreement
  • Deviations from the initial work plan
  • Scientific breakthrough and success achieved

2. Training, Transfer of Knowledge & Networking (4-5 minutes)

  • Secondments implementation vs Gantt chart planning
  • Secondments – new knowledge acquisition, training activities, new soft skills acquisition and career development opportunities
  • Built-in return mechanism (return phase) for knowledge sharing and long-term collaboration
  • Events organised within the network and beyond

3. Management

  • Financial aspects
  • Any proposed re-orientations of the networks’ activities
  • PR (including how the open access obligation for publications has been complied with)
  • Ethics
  • IP or any other issue related to the management and the implementation of the project

4. Impact

  • Dissemination of results and publications
  • Communication activities to reach the general public

Meeting between seconded staff members and the REA Representative

Open discussion & Questions



Kickoff General Workshop (6-8 June 2017)

It serves for academic and industrial members to present the expertise they bring into LAMBDA as well as open problems in which they are working, thus finalising the planned work. Moreover, it serves for organising technology transfer, benchmarking, and joint software development. There shall be an invited speaker.

The meeting will be held on Wednesday, 7th June 2017 and Thursday 8th June 2017, 09.00-17.00. Since participants are expected to arrive on Tuesday, June 6th, a social event may be planned on Tuesday evening. Sessions on Wednesday and Thursday shall be held in the A56 conference room of the Department of Informatics & Telecommunications, at the Campus of National & Kapodistrian University of Athens at Ilisia.

Confirmed participants from all beneficiaries include: M. Detyniecki, I. Emiris, D. Gunopulos, I. Hamodrakas, S. Rejal, X. Renard. Partner participant: Panos Achlioptas (Stanford U.). The ethics adviser has also confirmed participation. Invited speakers: Prof. Joachim Giesen, and Dr. Soeren Laue (Univ. Jena, Germany).


Wed. 9.00. Welcome and Intro (Emiris). Team of NKUA (Emiris, Gunopulos).
10.30. Team of 3DI (Rejal).
11.30. Team of AXA (Detyniecki, Renard).
14.30. Proximity problems in high dimensions (Psarros, NKUA)
15.30. Web-scale clustering (Anagnostopoulos, NKUA)
20.00. SOCIAL DINNER at “Mpousoulas

Thu. 9.00. Invited talk: Scaling Up Generic Optimization for Data Analytics (Giesen and Laue).
10.30. Supervisory board meeting
11.30. Predictive Learning for 3D Point Clouds (Achlioptas).
14.30. A General Framework for First Story Detection  Utilizing Entities and their Relations (Panagiotou, NKUA)
15.30. ChEsS: Cost-Effective Scheduling across multiple heterogeneous mapreduce clusters (Zachilas, Kalogeraki, AUEB)

Practical information

Lunch will be provided on Wednesday and Thursday, as well as a workshop dinner on Wednesday evening. A social event may be organised on Tuesday evening.

Please arrange for your own hotel accommodation (unless you are invited). Suggested hotels in the area (in order of increasing price): Delice Hotel & Apartments (website). Ilisia Best-Western. Divani-Caravel Hotel, on Vassileos Alexandrou Ave. Athens Hilton Hotel.

Directions from Athens International Airport: see also transport from the airport: The best is to use Metro Line 3, and get off at “Evangelismos” stop. Timetable: 05:30-24:00; frequency: 30′. Taxis: their stand is at the Arrivals Level; fee: 40 to 50 Euro. With the Express Airport Bus X95 (to Syntagma sq.): get off at the Hilton Bus Stop; it runs on a 24-hour basis.
Directions to Dept. Informatics & Telecoms from the hotels. There’s 2 bus lines for which you need a valid metro ticket or a bus ticket, to be bought at a kiosk before entering the bus. Bus 250 goes in the campus, drops you off in front of the department (Bus Stop: 2nd PANEPISTIMIOPOLIS). Alternatively use “224”, get off at stop “10th KESSARIANIS”, on “Ethnikis Antistaseos” Ave, turn left and walk 100m. Here is a Google map to the Dept of Informatics from “Evangelismos” metro stop (or the hotels). See also the School of Science.

Satellite event:  Summer school “Techniques in Random Discrete Structures“, University of Athens, Greece, May 22-27, 2017.



Focused Workshop on 3D shape analysis & Focused Workshop on Insurance data mining

The two Focused Workshops occur for each of the main application domains, organised respectively by the leaders of WP2 and WP3 at their sites. All teams involved in WP2 or WP3 shall participate in the respective meeting. The one on 3D shape analysis involves NKUA, 3DI, OSU, SU, while the one on insurance data mining involves NKUA, AXA, UC. The exact date is not fixed, but we give tentative dates in September and October 2019, respectively.


Final General Workshop

It is an important means of dissemination and communication, hence it shall be collocated with a major conference, to be determined in the course of the Project. Candidate meetings, with whom we have experience as participants, program committee members and organisers are the following international conference: KDD (ACM Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining), NIPS (Neural Information Processing Systems, a leading conference in Machine Learning), ACM SIGRAPH (Graphics), SoCG (Symposium on Computational Geometry). All of them are leaders in their respective field. This increases our visibility. Tentatively in December 2020.